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The 1.34-carat Australian sapphire ring with side diamonds in 18-carat white gold is a stunning and sophisticated piece of jewellery. At the center of this design is a lustrous 1.34-carat Australian sapphire, known for its deep blue color and exceptional clarity. The Australian origin suggests a high-quality sapphire with a captivating hue.

Flanking the sapphire on either side are small, brilliant diamonds, carefully set into the band of the ring. These side diamonds add an extra layer of sparkle and elegance to the overall composition, framing the sapphire and enhancing its visual impact. The use of 18-carat white gold for the setting provides a contemporary and sleek backdrop, allowing the vibrant blue of the sapphire and the brilliance of the diamonds to take center stage.

This combination of a significant Australian sapphire, side diamonds, and the use of premium 18-carat white gold creates a sophisticated and timeless piece of jewellery. The design strikes a balance between classic beauty and modern aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for special occasions or as a statement piece in a jewelry collection. The ring exudes luxury and refinement, showcasing the natural beauty of the Australian sapphire in an elegant setting.

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Metal Type 18k White gold
Diamond Colour GH
Diamond Clarity SI
Carat Centre Stone sapphire 1.34ct 6 Side Diamonds = .28 carats
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