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Oval Emerald and Diamond Ring, a true symbol of timeless beauty and sophistication. At the heart of this extraordinary piece gleams a captivating 1.15ct oval emerald, showcasing a rich green hue that radiates elegance. Gracing each shoulder of the ring are three diamonds, carefully arranged to form a delicate and striking triangle. The brilliance of these diamonds, totaling 0.16ct, perfectly complements the emerald, creating a harmonious interplay of light and color. Crafted with meticulous craftsmanship, the ring features an 18K white gold band, providing a luxurious and contemporary setting for the gemstones. The cool tones of the white gold enhance the emerald’s brilliance, making it a true centerpiece of the design. Embrace the allure of this Oval Emerald and Diamond Ring, and experience the sophistication and refinement it brings to your jewelry collection.

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