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18k & platinum malaya garnet 5.04ct 54 DIA



our extraordinary Malaya Garnet Ring, a true statement of exquisite craftsmanship and bold beauty. At the heart of this remarkable piece lies a magnificent 5.04ct Malaya Garnet, boasting an impressive oval shape measuring 10.76mm x 8.49mm. The rich, fiery tones of the garnet captivate the eye and evoke a sense of passion and warmth. Surrounding the centerpiece are 54 dazzling diamonds, totaling 1.00ct, carefully selected for their GH color and SI clarity, which enhance the splendor of the garnet and add a brilliant sparkle to the design. The ring is meticulously crafted with 18K yellow gold and platinum, combining the richness of yellow gold with the durability and sleekness of platinum. The contrasting metals create a captivating and harmonious backdrop for the vibrant gemstones. Experience the allure of our Malaya Garnet Ring, a true masterpiece that exudes elegance and makes a bold statement wherever it goes.

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