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Max Wilson Diamond Jeweller is dedicated to excellence in quality, service and price. Our extensive range of jewellery is top of the line, manufactured either by our in house artisans or by some of the leading jewellery crafters in the world, such as Swarovski and Rosefield. As a Diamond Jeweller in NZ, we can confidently say that we are indeed the best. For all of your diamond jewellery needs, Max Wilson has got you covered

Gold Jeweller

Diamonds, while our specialty, are not all that we here at Max Wilson Diamond Jewellery purvey. No, not at all – we are also renowned across the country as a top of the line Gold Jeweller. Pendants, necklaces, earrings and wedding bands – it is all available through us, and made to the absolute highest possible standards to ensure that any jewellery, gold or otherwise, that you purchase from us is to be remembered, cherished and recognized for the excellence that it represents.

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Wedding Rings

Your wedding day – the day that you and your loved one are joined in holy matrimony, in the eyes of your family, your friends, the law, and God. One of the most significant days in any persons life, and one of the most memorable.

For such an important day, it is crucial that you have upon you and your loved ones fingers a fine reminder of what the day represents, what cherished memories were created then, what enduring promises and eternal vows of lifelong love were made and cemented together with all who are important to you there to witness it – what you need are spectacular, resplendent Wedding Rings in New Zealand.

Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers are here to make that happen. With our excellent selection of both classic and custom designs, you can choose the absolute perfect ring to represent your undying love.


Earrings are the most popular, widespread form of jewellery all over the world. People, male and female, love to decorate their ears with a huge variety of adornments, and the very best, most resplendent, eye catching adornments that exist are of course diamonds. The absolute best quality Diamond Earrings in NZ are available, all the time, from Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers.

Gold Necklaces & Pendants

When it comes to wearing gorgeous pendants, no style is more magnificent nor more pleasant upon the eye than that of a Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers’ Gold Initial Pendant. A Gold Necklace from New Zealand’s own Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers will make the wearer look and feel absolutely magical and that is what why strive to achieve when creating our beautiful pendants.


ELLANI’s story is about people who love the beauty of fine jewellery and the inner confidence and pleasure it brings. Jewellery that is designed for the fashion styled modern women, leading trends that complete any outfit to inspire your best times and captivate unforgettable memories. Ellani Collections designs fine jewellery with attention to detail and a strong focus on superior quality, materials, and style.

Engagement Rings

Ahh, the promise of lifelong love. There’s nothing so sweet or so powerful in this world as the unbreakable bond that engagement rings in NZ represent. A ring accepted means that those who wear it are prepared to spend the rest of their lives with those who give it, and vice versa –  the most meaningful promise one can make.

Swarovski Crystals

There is no better place in New Zealand to buy Swarovski Crystal than Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers. We have an immense range of their excellent products at incredible prices – for Swarovski Crystal in NZ, you cannot go wrong if you come to us.

Rosefield Watches

Watches are one of the most, if not the most popular, widespread forms of jewellery the world over. People, male and female, love to decorate their wrists in an almost unimaginably huge variety of styles, and the very best, most resplendent, eye catching timepieces that exist are of course Rosefield Watches. The absolute pinnacle of Rosefield Watches in NZ are available, all the time, from Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers.

Wedding Rings

Your wedding day; a celebration of love. We are privileged to play our part in helping you on your special day.


Explore our collections of bridal rings, jewellery, and services to create the perfect day in honour of the memories, commitment and love you share.

0.15ct Bead Set Diamond Band


17 Diamond Band


0.2CT Diamond Bead-Set Band, PLATINUM

Custom Made

Celtic Knot Zirconium and 9ct Yellow Gold Ring


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Citrine Rub Over Ring


Cushion Halo Diamond Ring


9k Morganite Dress Ring


Morganite and Diamond Halo Ring



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For such a promise, it is only appropriate that the ring is befitting of its magnitude – not only does the ring represent spiritual commitment, but material, the physical – should it not be constructed to the high standards of pure excellence that your loved one truly deserves? To purchase a ring of this nature, or have one crafted by our artisans to your specifications, visit Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers today.

Rings, whether engagement or wedding bands, are symbolic of one of the most powerful bonds that two people can have – true love. Why then, would you settle for a design that many others have adorned their fingers with before you? Why not go for something rare, unique, and exclusive? What better way to show your loved one that you truly care, that you value them above the rest, than to gift them a ring that embodies these ideas of being “one in a million”?

Our Custom Rings are exactly that, and with them on their finger, your loved one will be reminded of your dedication to them, day after day, for the rest of their life.


For the very finest selection of jewellery in all of the country, visit Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers today. Get in touch with us on (06) 357 8696 to place an order, or to ask any questions or queries that you may have about our stock.