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Discover classic and contemporary styles and settings, from traditional solitaire engagement rings to modern clusters and halo designs—all crafted with exquisite attention to detail. All our diamonds are set within customized mountings to emphasize the specific size and shape of the diamond. Our jewellers and designers work to ensure that the proportions and surface quality of each diamond ring are stunning from every angle.


What Is an Engagement Ring Setting?

Setting refers to how gemstones are mounted and secured into a metal band. It is important to consider a ring setting, as it used to highlight the beauty of the engagement diamond. Style refers to the overall design aesthetic that the ring setting helps create—whether it be solitaire, halo or three stone.

What Is a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

Honouring its namesake, the solitaire setting showcases a single, stunning diamond. While the round brilliant diamond is said to be the most popular stone for solitaire engagement rings, any diamond shape is a beautiful centrepiece in this classic setting.


What Is a Three Stone Engagement Ring?

The three stone engagement ring setting showcases a dazzling trio of stones balanced in perfect harmony. Round and fancy shaped center stones are paired with complementary side stones to create a symmetrical vision.


Bead Setting

In a bead setting, small round pieces of metal are settled on the corner edges of each gemstone. This setting often features accent stones on the band. Because the metal beads reflect light, Max Wilson engagement rings with bead-set diamond bands emit an extraordinary sparkle when worn. This popular setting is a perfect choice for the wearer who desires a little extra sparkle.


Tension Setting

In a tension setting, opposing directions of pressure are used to hold a stone so that it appears suspended in place. This tension creates the illusion of a diamond floating in mid-air. With open sides and a high seat, light enters and exits the gemstone to display an exceptional sparkle.


Channel Setting

The channel setting features diamonds set within two parallel walls of metal inside the band. Durable and stylish, channel-set engagement rings and wedding bands are prized for their seamless flow of light.



Bezel Setting

A popular setting for diamond wedding bands, the bezel setting features a metal rim that protects the edges of a gemstone. Bezel-set engagement rings are defined by a flat surface that exposes only the crown, or top, of the diamond. This makes the bezel setting an appropriate style for those seeking a low-set engagement ring.


Shot Setting

In a burnish setting, stones are nestled in hollows within the band and secured in place by burnishing, or pressing, the metal to cover each gem’s girdle. This setting protects each gemstone by positioning it at or below the metal’s surface.


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