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Swarovski Crystal NZ

Swarovski Crystal NZ is part of the larger Swarovski enterprise, iconic around the world for its stunning crystal glass and jewellery pieces. At Max Wilson Diamond Jeweller, we have a beautiful selection of some of the finest Swarovski pieces.

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Our Swarovski Crystal Jewellery

Highly regarded for its leading design innovations and masterful crystal cutting, Swarovski is a brand that never fails to deliver stunning jewellery items. Let us take you through some of our favourite pieces from the extensive Max Wilson Swarovski Crystal NZ collection.

Angelic Bracelet

Featuring a row of round, clear crystals, these bracelets evoke pure, timeless sophistication. Choose between rhodium, yellow-gold, or rose-gold plate.

Angelic Earrings

All the beauty of diamond earrings, in Swarovski crystals. This classic pair of button-pierced earrings will enhance any outfit. Available in rhodium or gold plate.

Angelic Round Necklace

A skilful combination of simple design and beautiful details, this classic pendant displays a single, round white stone as its centrepiece.

Attract Cluster Pendant

Adorned with a central drop-shaped crystal complemented by two smaller, round stones, this pendant by Swarovski Crystal NZ displays artful craftsmanship and a refined, simple look.

Attract Drop

This pair of stunning crystal earrings explore the past, present, and future of eternal love. Elegant and timeless, these would be the perfect gift for someone you love.

Attract Pear Earrings

A stunning addition to the Arract collection, these earrings glisten with a halo of clear crystal stones circling a pear-shaped centrepiece.

Bella Earrings – Golden

Radiating from this pair of gold-plated earrings are bold, beautiful, warm honey shades. The golden sparkle embodies a timeless elegance that will never go out of style.

Chroma Stud Earrings, Pink

Crafted from pyramid-cut crystals in sophisticated shades of pink, these stud earrings are designed for people of any gender to wear.

Constella Bracelet Rose

Designed to be as delicate as stardust, this rose gold-tone plated bangle bracelet is formed with a row of round, brilliant-cut stones cradled in prong settings.

Creativity Circle Pendant

Highly refined, this is a stunning new interpretation of the timeless circle pendant.

Deluxe Tennis Bracelet

As one of the most popular designs from Swarovski Crystal NZ, how could we not include this stunning new version of the Tennis Bracelet in our collection at Max Wilson Diamond Jeweller?

Dextera Hoop – Octagon

We have a stunning range of pieces from Swarovski’s Dextera family, and among its most popular items are the Dextera hoops. Intricately detailed yet boldly constructed, these earrings make a contemporary statement. Choose from a range of sizes and plate colours. We also have round Dextera hoops available.

Dulci Necklace

This choker necklace pays homage to the Pop Art movement, featuring a single precision-cut crystal nestled in a glossed, moulded setting. Whether layered or worn on its own, the playful blue cord will embellish any look with a striking pop of colour.

Duo Evil Eye Hoops

Playing with the classic, powerful evil eye symbol, this versatile pair of hoops feature blue, black, and clear crystals to form the protective talisman.

Exalta Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet shines with a row of emerald green crystals in stylish gold-tone plating, adding a pop of colour to any look. Also available in the following colour combinations:

Exist Hoop Earrings

Versatile and mesmerising, these hoop earrings feature a unique ribbon motif and white crystal adornment. Available in various sizes and rhodium, yellow, or rose gold-toned plating.

Generation Triple Circle Necklace

Available in rhodium, yellow, or rose gold-toned plating, the Generation necklace – inspired by the movement of sea waves – showcases the dedication to the meticulous craftsmanship characteristic of Swarovski.

Louison Droplets Necklace

Exemplary of the glamour that can be found in simplicity, the Louison Droplets necklace is as inspired by fine jewellery as it is by frosty winter leaves.

Mesmera Trillion Clip On Earring

Day or night, this single clip-on earring is a statement of extravagance. While the large trillion-cut crystal will hold much of the spotlight, there are endless styling opportunities for what you wear this piece with.

Millenia Blue Crystal Bracelet

This delicate bracelet is formed by a chain of precious, octagonal step-cut crystals in a light, dynamic sapphire hue. Perfect for layering with other vibrant colour choices or on its own.

Discover Your Swarovski at Max Wilson Diamond Jeweller

All of these stunning Swarovski pieces and more are available at Max Wilson Diamond Jeweller. If you are looking for stunning, contemporary yet timeless crystal jewellery pieces, our Swarovski collection has everything you need. Take a look through our catalogue today or call us on (06) 357 8696 to find out more.