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Diamond Earrings NZ

Earrings are the most popular, widespread form of jewellery all over the world. People, male and female, love to decorate their ears with a huge variety of adornments, and the very best, most resplendent, eye catching adornments that exist are of course diamonds. The absolute pinnacle of Diamond Earrings in NZ are available, all the time, from Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers. Our stock is beautiful. It is eye catching. It is unmistakably top quality jewellery of the highest order. Visit Max Wilson if you want your earrings to not only be gorgeous, but stunning, opulent, incredible, and simply amazing.

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The best gifts are often a surprise, and nowhere is this more salient than in the situation of one member of a couple bestowing an alluring piece or set of jewellery upon the other, seemingly out of the blue! Yet modern life is so interconnected, so inescapable, so busy that we scarcely get a moment to ourselves with which we can steal away to Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers and purchase something nice for the partner who so deserves it. Luckily, thanks to our efficient, easy to navigate online store, you can now Buy Diamond Earrings Online!


There is no longer any need to surreptitiously sneak away from your spouse to make a purchase that will make their day. Never again will you need to “take a little extra time” with the groceries, or run mysterious errands that only serve to arouse suspicion. Simply visit our website and peruse to your hearts content, knowing in your heart and your mind that you’re both viewing the highest quality Diamond Earrings in NZ and that their arrival will be a complete surprise! Give your partner a gift they’ll love from Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers today!

Earrings - a history

Metals and stones, especially those considered precious , have been used by humans to splendiferously augment their aesthetic since the inception of our species. People from ancient civilizations the world over have been putting things on, around, or through their body for a multitude of purposes, but they all had this in common – a base desire to look good, and make an impression.

The oldest known pair of earrings dates to between 8500 and 8200 BCE, and was unearthed at a site in Inner Mongolia. Made of jade, these earrings show the modern world that jewellery as a concept was already in full force over 10 millennia ago. Here at Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers, we humbly strive to continue this proud, ancient tradition of providing ornaments and adornments that increase your opulence and exemplify your elegance, at the same time increasing your extravagance and multiplying your magnificence. As you can see, there really is no reason not to Buy Diamond Earrings Online from Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers in NZ.


Continuing our observance of the history of earrings: when the South African diamond fields were opened in the late-1860s, diamond solitaires became the standard of sophistication that we still revere today. The open-claw setting had been developed by then. This increased the amount of light that passed through the diamond, giving it, and thus its wearer, added sparkle.

By the 1920s it seemed that no woman went without her earrings, even if many wore ‘paste’ imitations instead of genuine diamonds. Today, we have endless options in diamond earrings, as well as many other gemstones. From sleek, modern designs to a classical esthetic, you can find any style you crave. Accessories make the outfit and diamond earrings will complete any look! Alternatively, if diamonds are not your flavour, why not see how Swarovski crystal complements your look?

The Selection

Below you shall behold our range, both incredible and diverse, of Diamond Earrings in NZ. Browse away, take your time, for there is much variety available that to make a snap decision would be rash – instead, peruse with care so that you may find the exact right pair of earrings for you, your partner, or anyone else who may wish to receive them.

It is imperative to us here at Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers that we consistently deliver you the best when it comes to quality – in our gemstones, in our necklaces, in our pendants, earrings and wedding bands, is exquisite craftsmanship, elegant design, taste, and of course the materials used to make such pieces are of the highest order.


At Max Wilson, gold means Gold, and diamond means Diamond – we do not joke, kidd or mince words regarding the condition, the standard, the calibre of our jewellery. Every piece is made with passion, care and precision, each source of high grade material pursued to the ends of the earth if need be, just so that we may fashion you a ring or some other excellent, exotic ornamentation.

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As the perfect accessory to an outfit and just as good on their own, Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers’ Diamond Earrings from NZ selection are truly marvelous, and something that, if you want your ears to have that added sparkle, that shine, that eye catching X-factor, you simply cannot do without. Give our friendly team a call today on (06) 357 8696 for any questions, queries or inquiries you may have regarding our jewellery selection or anything else that we can help you with.