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Wedding Bands

In many cases, one or both members of a happily engaged couple are men. Even in situations where this is not the case, the strong, stoic style of mens Wedding Bands may be preferred to the diamond shine of more traditional womens rings. Oft eschewing the typical gold and silver bands for materials such as Zirconium, or combining them in a glorious amalgamation representative of love in modernity, Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers’ range of Wedding Bands for Gents are truly something to be admired by all who glance upon them.

The role of the Best Man

The best man has an important part to play in almost every wedding. It is the highest honour that a friend of the groom can achieve, and with this honour comes a great many roles. The best man must, before the wedding, organize the bachelor party, but we don’t need to get into that here. They must also organize the collecting of money and purchasing of a gift for the groom but again, these are all behind the scenes roles that need not be discussed here. Let us proceed to the roles that affect the wedding itself!

Firstly, and most memorably, is the speech – it must be poignant and hilarious, without alienating or offending any of the guests, which may number many or few, depending on the style of wedding. Regardless, the best man’s speech is often one of the highlights of any given wedding. Another incredibly crucial role that this man must take on involves, before the wedding, curating what the groomsmen are going to wear. The selection of dapper menswear will impact such features as wedding photos, as well as the guests’ general impressions of the company that the groom keeps.


However, none of these roles and responsibilities can be carried out on the day if the best man has forgotten or otherwise neglected his most essential duty – that is, looking after the rings! If the best man does not have on his person the Wedding Bands at the time of presentation, the whole marriage ceremony will fall apart. This job may appear simple, but many a time in history have rings been lost to careless circumstance. At Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers, our Wedding Bands for Gents are so distinctive, well-designed and memorable, constructed of the highest quality materials that grace this great earth, that there is absolutely no chance of them being misplaced, forgotten, lost, or abandoned. Our designs are, to put it simply, unforgettable.

The Selection

Take a moment now to browse through the styles and fashions listed here, so that you may appreciate the sheer diversity of our range here at Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers. Rose gold, regular gold, titanium, sterling silver, and other top quality materials are available by themselves or combined by our expert artisans into Wedding Bands for Gents that cannot fail to make an impression.

It is imperative to us here at Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers that we consistently deliver you the best when it comes to quality – in our gemstones, in our necklaces, in our pendants, earrings and wedding bands, is exquisite craftsmanship, elegant design, taste, and of course the materials used to make such pieces are of the highest order.


At Max Wilson, gold means Gold, and diamond means Diamond – we do not joke, kidd or mince words regarding the condition, the standard, the calibre of our jewellery. Every piece is made with passion, care and precision, each source of high grade material pursued to the ends of the earth if need be, just so that we may fashion you a ring or some other excellent, exotic ornamentation

Wedding Bands for Gents

As you can see, Wedding Bands for Gents come in a huge variety of styles, materials, and designs. Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers is committed to bringing you the very best when it comes to all things jewellery, and nowhere is this more apparent than in our rings made with traditional men’s style trends in mind. That is not to say that these rings are only intended for men – far from it! They may be worn by anyone who desires to give off the impressions that these rings are imbued with, from stately elegance to solidity and faithfulness.

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