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Wedding Bands

Discover our fantastic collection of wedding bands for men. Our talented jewellers have created a wide variety of designs and pieces suitable for all tastes and preferences. Find the wedding band that represents your love story with Max Wilson.

Here are some of our most loved men’s wedding rings.

Wedding Bands For Men

When it comes to quality, we deliver nothing short of the best. Browse our selection of men’s wedding rings at Max Wilson Diamond Jeweller. Our expert artisans use a range of top-quality materials, including gold, titanium, zirconium, silver, and more to create stunning rings designed to make an impression.

White Gold Wedding Rings

White gold has a timeless, yet cool and contemporary look that is suitable for any style. Its neutral, silvery-white colour goes with everything without ever looking boring. In our collection, we have white gold rings blended with various metals to create unique statement pieces.


Considered the classic metal for men’s wedding bands, we have a diverse collection of yellow gold wedding rings. Whether you are looking for a simple band, a signet ring or a unique combination of yellow gold with zirconium, titanium or diamonds, you will find what you are looking for at Max Wilson.


Zirconium is an increasingly popular material incorporated into men’s rings. It is a material that comes from the mineral Zircon, which can also be found in S-type giant stars. While zirconium usually comes in a matte grey colour, it forms a distinctive, ceramic-like black coating. 

Our selection of zirconium rings comes in a range of styles, from plain black zirconium bands to a stunning yellow gold and zirconium blend featuring a Celtic-style pattern.


Lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic, titanium is an excellent material of choice for men looking for a wedding band that can withstand an active lifestyle. Its natural colour is a deeper grey than silver, and it can come with a matte or satin finish. Because it is such a neutral tone, titanium makes white gold, yellow gold, and diamonds appear extra shiny.

Silver Wedding Rings

Silver is a metal with colours that vary from cool grey to bright white. Depending on its treatment, its surface can appear shiny or matte. Sterling silver is its more durable form, where materials such as copper are blended with pure silver. Each item in our collection of sterling silver wedding rings for men is blended with titanium to create a bold, contemporary effect.


Our collection of men’s diamond rings provides some excellent options for couples looking for a wedding band that will match the diamond engagement rings and embrace the symbolism of strength and love that diamonds hold. Unlike more feminine engagement rings, however, the diamonds in our men’s bands are set within the ring. This means the diamond is less of the star of the show, and more like a complement to the rest of the ring.

Choose from a range of metals and diamond colours and cuts, including princess cut, round brilliant cut, baguette cut, and clear or black diamonds.

Choosing the groom’s wedding band

Much of the jewellery-related attention in the lead-up to a wedding gets placed on the fiancee’s engagement ring. Here at Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers, we have committed care, precision, passion, and time to our men’s wedding band collection.

Discover a range of styles suitable for all tastes and preferences. Our collection of men’s wedding bands was created with stately elegance in mind. Each ring is durable and stylistically versatile enough to be suitable for wear.

The most important consideration that should go into your wedding band choice is your personal style. A simple gold band might be perfect for you, or you might find yourself drawn to our metal blends and elaborate designs.

Find your wedding band with Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers

Our men’s wedding bands are carefully designed to represent the love and commitment shared between couples. From our selection, you will be choosing a ring that you hope to put on the day of your wedding and wear for the rest of your life. Whether you prefer titanium, gold, silver or zirconium, your ring will be something that will always represent your side of your love story.

Browse our superb selection of men’s wedding rings online or get in touch with our friendly team to learn more about how you can choose the perfect wedding band for you. We also offer a bespoke jewellery service that allows you to create an entirely unique ring imbued with your story, wholly reflecting your tastes.

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