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Our Ethical Engagement Rings NZ

Ahh, the promise of lifelong love. There’s nothing so sweet or so powerful in this world as the unbreakable bond that engagement rings in NZ represent. A ring accepted means that those who wear it are prepared to spend the rest of their lives with those who give it, and vice versa –  the most meaningful promise one can make. For such a promise, it is only appropriate that the ring is befitting of its magnitude – not only does the ring represent spiritual commitment, but material, the physical – should it not be constructed to the high standards of pure excellence that your loved one truly deserves? To purchase a ring of this nature, or have one crafted by our artisans to your specifications, visit Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers today – let us begin to work on the physical representation of your love, the symbol, the realization of all your future hopes and dreams – imbued in a ring that is intended for a lifetime.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds, an exquisite natural element. Formed under immense pressure to emerge as nothing short of a marvel, their prismic structure, indestructible nature and the arduous nature of their acquisition are all fantastic metaphors for love in their own right. It is no wonder, then, that humanity has collectively decided, over the course of history, to use Diamond Engagement Rings as a near-universal declaration of love.

The way the light catches a diamond ring, refracting unpredictably and sparkling intangibly into the air, connotes the often surprising nature of love; as turbulent as it is exciting, one never knows quite what to expect, and that is part of its beauty.

A diamond cannot be crushed, much as the bond that it symbolizes is resilient unto the death of both parties. A diamond does not decay, no, but stays shining from the moment of its discovery within the bowels of the earth till the end of time, in exactly the same way that the true love between two humans transcends the physical, and all but the most committed atheist can envision kindred spirits living on harmoniously in the ether beyond our realm.


Diamonds, (ignoring recent scientific developments regarding potential laboratory synthesis) must be mined, and without going into graphic physical or political detail, we all know this is not an easy process. Finding true love is not often easy – if it were, this earth would be bereft of the lonely and unfortunately, we know this is not the case. If you are one of the lucky who manages to find their soulmate amidst the chaos and confusion, the mess and the misanthropy, what better way is there to show them that you care than to get them an engagement ring in NZ with a gorgeous diamond set piece crowning it as the halos of your mutual love crown each other, bathing you in heavenly light?

The Rings

Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers has a multitude of available Diamond Engagement Rings, as well as multiple other styles of ring, crafted with care and precision to cater to all preferences. Some may imbue you with a sense of the regal magnificence, while others convey scenes of idyllic forests, filled with cavorting nymphs who frolic in ethereal light. Still others are down to earth – simple and honest – no frills, only love. Silver, gold, and ambitious crossovers of both – all styles are available at Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers.

As diverse as the inhabitants of this wonderful planet are the Engagement Rings in NZ that we offer. Below are listed some of our most excellent designs for your viewing perusal.

It is imperative to us here at Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers that we consistently deliver you the best when it comes to quality – in our gemstones, in our necklaces, in our pendants, earrings and wedding bands, is exquisite craftsmanship, elegant design, taste, and of course the materials used to make such pieces are of the highest order.


At Max Wilson, gold means Gold, and diamond means Diamond – we do not joke, kidd or mince words regarding the condition, the standard, the calibre of our jewellery. Every piece is made with passion, care and precision, each source of high grade material pursued to the ends of the earth if need be, just so that we may fashion you a ring or some other excellent, exotic ornamentation.

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When you propose, do you want him or her to say yes with aplomb, or with resignation? Would you rather the proposal day was as memorable as the wedding, or that it fades into the dusty darkness of forgotten memory? If your preference was the first option of both of these fictional, but entirely possible, scenarios, it is imperative that you get in touch with the Max Wilson Diamond Engagement Ring team immediately at (06) 357 8696 so that we may ensure that your proposal is met with a resounding “YES!” and not merely a deflated “ok”.