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Swarovski Crystal NZ

Swarovski Crystal NZ is part of the larger Swarovski corporation, an entity with a rich history that begun in 1895, started up by the enterprising Daniel Swarovski. The business has been in the Swarovski family for 5 successive generations, creating a worldwide legacy of thousands of stores in hundreds of countries the world over.

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Swarovski - a history

The founder of the company, Daniel Swarovski, was born in northern Bohemia (now called the Czech Republic) about 20km away from the Polish border. The alteration and creation of fine, delicate materials was obviously in his blood, as his father was the owner of a glass factory and was a glass cutter himself. The young Daniel served an apprenticeship at said factory, learning the craft from his father and the other skilled artisans under his employ. In 1892, the enterprising young man invented and patented a electrically powered cutting machine that facilitated the production of crystal glass.

1895 – an auspicious year for the Swarovskis. It was in this year that Daniel teamed up with a financier Armand Kossman and another man, Franz Weis, to create what is now known as the Swarovski company. To take advantage of the hydroelectricity found in Wattens, Tyrol (in Austria), it was there that the company elected to establish a crystal cutting factory.


This hydroelectricity was necessary, as the crystal cutting process patented by Daniel Swarovski was at this time extremely energy intensive. The goal of the company was to create “a diamond for everyone” – this would be done by making crystals affordable.

Quickly (in 1899) the business expanded to France, where the French folk began to Buy Swarovski Crystals. Less than a century later, after many a year of toil and innovation, Swarovski Crystal entered the U.S. market (in 1977 to be exact). The rest is history.

The Selection

At Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers, we stock a wide range of Swarovski Crystal products, as well as many others, making us their premiere purveyor and overall, the best place to Buy Swarovski Crystal out of anywhere in NZ. Below are listed some of our crystal selection, in bulleted form for your leisurely perusal:

It is imperative to us here at Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers that we consistently deliver you the best when it comes to quality – in our gemstones, in our necklaces, in our pendants, earrings and wedding bands, is exquisite craftsmanship, elegant design, taste, and of course the materials used to make such pieces are of the highest order.


At Max Wilson, gold means Gold, and diamond means Diamond – we do not joke, kidd or mince words regarding the condition, the standard, the calibre of our jewellery. Every piece is made with passion, care and precision, each source of high grade material pursued to the ends of the earth if need be, just so that we may fashion you a ring or some other excellent, exotic ornamentation.

Swarovski Products

Swarovski produces products such as jewellery, miniatures, home decor, rhinestones, chandeliers and glass sculptures. All products are marked with a logo, which has changed several times with the inevitable passage of time – originally it was an edelweiss flower, replaced by the letters S.A.L. which was in turn usurped by the currently in use swan logo, stil going strong since its introduction to the brand in 1988.

Since 2012, Swarovski glass has been completely lead free. It is created using a blend of potash, soda, quartz sand and other ingredients – these are blended at extremely high temperatures to create that distinctive “Swarovski look”. The refractive effect of Swarovski glass is achieved by coating products with special metallic coatings that allow the glass to reflect light across the rainbow spectrum and achieve a positively dazzling effect.


Swarovski has developed a unique technology that preserves the brilliance and brightness of crystals without the use of lead dioxide. The hologram on the back of the package contains the inscription: advanced crystal superior brilliant lead-free. Thanks to this, Swarovski crystals are safe to use.

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When in comes to buying Swarovski Crystal in NZ, Max Wilson Diamond Jewellers has your every need taken care of. Take the time to browse our diverse range of Swarovski jewels, as well as the rest of our catalogue – you are sure to find something fantastic, so give us a call today on (06) 357 8696 and get in touch!